All your assets, at a glance: a conversation with Exirio

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We had the chance to interview the founder of one of the most interesting wealth management startups in the GCC.

Meet Exirio, a forward-thinking fintech startup transforming wealth management with its innovative approach to monitor your portfolio perfomance. We recently had the privilege of interviewing Piero Politeo, Exirio’s COO and co-founder, to gain insights into Exirio’s groundbreaking approach and their vision for the future of financial empowerment.

Could you provide a brief overview of the services Exirio offers?

Exirio has developed both desktop and mobile applications designed to comprehensively track the wealth of our users. These apps establish connectivity with numerous financial institutions and crypto platforms, offering features such as a complete trading history, performance metrics, an extensive range of currencies, and unrestricted options for investment types and asset classes.
Many individuals currently rely on insufficient or complicated spreadsheets to monitor their net worth, a process that demands significant effort and time for upkeep. Exirio eliminates the need for such spreadsheets, presenting itself as the ultimate tool for individual investors seeking a clearer understanding of how effectively their money is employed.
Additionally, Exirio extends its functionality to financial advisors and wealth managers by providing a white-labeled and/or fully customized version of the tracking software. This proves particularly beneficial for professionals who often spend excessive time deciphering client portfolio details and overall wealth structure, relying on outdated and inconvenient reporting methods such as phone calls and monthly PDF reports.

What were the key motivations that led to the establishment of Exirio?

The idea for Exirio came during the lockdown period of 2020. Many friends and colleagues were grappling with a common issue: spending far too much time creating and updating complex spreadsheets to track their wealth. David Martinez de Lecea, Exirio’s founder and CEO, thought there really ought to be an app to do this, something to provide even better insights into how investments are performing and how one’s wealth is growing.
And so it began, we went about creating something that helped people track and fully understand their investments, and allow them to plan better for financial freedom.

Several investment platforms, especially the ones by traditional banks, make it difficult to track how your wealth is changing and if you’re earning or losing money. Does Exirio help with easily understanding this?

Exirio delivers transparent performance metrics essential for comprehending one’s investments and making well-informed decisions, all within an exceptionally intuitive platform.
Furthermore, every term or concept utilized in the app is meticulously explained in our Knowledge Base, ensuring accessibility for users who may not be well-versed in financial jargon. Importantly, Exirio distinguishes itself from other investment platforms or banks by enabling users to monitor their entire wealth, irrespective of currency, asset class, or investment type.
What are the next steps for Exirio? I.e. founding rounds, new releases. Anything you’d like to share
We roll out new versions of Exirio on a monthly basis, consistently seeking and incorporating feedback from our users. The development of features is prioritized based on their perceived utility to our audience. While Exirio has been primarily self-funded by its founders, with the exception of a small funding round last year, the current growth trajectory necessitates additional investment. In order to expand further and reach our target user base, there is a pressing need to allocate substantial resources to marketing and product development. Consequently, we have recently initiated our inaugural institutional funding round, with the aim of securing one million USD.

How does a typical day look like at Exirio?

Throughout the week, we engage in multiple calls to deliberate on priorities and provide updates across various domains, encompassing progress tracking, product development, marketing strategies, and the evolution of UX/UI/design elements. Commencing a typical day involves promptly addressing any user-reported issues.
Following this, team members independently focus on their assigned tasks, maintaining a seamless flow of communication through digital channels, predominantly utilizing platforms like Google Meet, Discord, and GitHub. This collaborative framework ensures ongoing interactions within the team, facilitating efficient coordination across diverse tasks and projects.
Last but not least…where do you work from?
We don’t have an actual office! Our team – which consists of 11 individuals – is fully delocalized and has the freedom to work from wherever they wish.

We organise team offsites as frequently as possible, but we see each other on screen every week anyway.

And based on the images, we must say, it seems like a great experience to work at Exirio!
The leadership team comprises CEO David Martinez de Lecea, COO Piero Politeo, CDO Silvia Checa, CTO Bhavishya Goyal, and other 7 fully remote team members. Thank you Exirio for this insightful interview.