Empowering SMBs to Go Digital

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Like Shopify, but smarter. Sterve, an innovative AI-powered e-commerce platform, is revolutionizing the way micro, small, and medium enterprises sell their products.

Sterve‘s co-founders, Jaicky Kumar and Deepak Mishra, promptly recognized that COVID-19 had brought about a significant change in consumer behavior. Before the lockdown, customers relied heavily on local shops, but now, they were hardly placing any orders with these small businesses. This shift was largely due to the convenience of online ordering platforms offered by a few major retail chains. 

Kumar and Mishra visited hundreds of businesses across the UAE. They were still managing business operations in a traditional manner because of the complexity and significant initial investment needed to install a POS system. There was an opportunity to do things differently. Sterve was born.

Sterve‚Äôs mobile-first integrated app leverages advanced AI algorithms and machine learning to provide highly personalized marketing recommendations. 

By harnessing AI algorithms, companies can enhance the precision of customer segmentation, guaranteeing that marketing messages reach the intended audience at the right moment.

The platform facilitates the generation of adaptable and individualized content, ensuring that every customer receives messages customized to their preferences.

Finally, by leveraging cutting-edge analytics and data processing, enterprises acquire valuable real-time understandings into customer behavior, enabling users to reach out to their customers effectively.

Sterve’s embedded payment feature also offers cost-effective online payment solutions for businesses. 25% cheaper than other providers, Sterve aims to make MSMEs more efficient and competitive in the market.

This mighty platform has gained recognition at Expo 2020 and Abu Dhabi Finance Week, with over 6,000 businesses currently using it for processing transactions exceeding $10 million monthly.