Proeffect: Crafting Creative Narratives in a Digital Era

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In the photo: Proeffect’s CEO and founder, Mohammed Al-Saleh

Established in 2019 in Saudi Arabia,  Proeffect  has become the go-to hub for brands seeking
impactful narratives in the realm of film and media production. In this interview, we uncover
the story behind Proeffect’s rise and explore the vision of its CEO and Founder, Mohammed Al-
Saleh, a true storyteller with a passion for the art of filmmaking.

Tell us something about Proeffect.

Proeffect is a creative production house offering comprehensive services spanning
conceptualization, production, and post-production. Currently, we have established offices in
Saudi Arabia and Egypt, with ongoing efforts for regional and international expansion.
In an era driven by speed and digital innovation, brands face increasing challenges in capturing
attention and crafting truly unique stories. This is where we step in, assisting clients in pushing
their narratives forward through next-level films, productions, and media offerings. We
capitalize on emerging technologies and advancements like Artificial Intelligence to elevate our
craft and guarantee state-of-the-art output at every step of the journey. We are keen on being
pioneers in digital transformation and this has been enabling us to set our offerings apart and
always deliver substantial work in record time.

With a primary focus on B2G, we take pride in our collaborations with various Saudi ministries
including the Ministry of Media, Ministry of Energy, and Ministry of Culture.
In addition, we work with non-profit organizations like Misk Foundation to deliver work that
empowers the generation of the future and puts Saudi youth at the center of the Kingdom of

We have also been working with prominent B2B clients such as Aramco, with whom we have
been partnering for the past 5 years. With unique films and storytelling projects that span
Aramco’s wide offerings and services, we have been able to help the brand reflect its mission
and vision and resonate with audiences locally and globally through the art of filmmaking.
Furthermore, we oversee the operations of the local TV and broadcasting industry for the Saudi
Broadcasting Authority (SBA) which is a very important milestone in our journey. Being
entrusted by SBA to lead this important task reflects our continuous commitment to delivering
outstanding work and our expertise in the field.

Can you describe your founder’s journey?

Mohammed Al-Saleh, the CEO and Founder, has always been a storyteller at heart. As a science
graduate from KFUPM, he spent over a decade at Aramco, delving into Saudi Arabia’s hidden
resources and contributing to the discovery of richness and prosperity. Gaining expertise in
management and leadership, he became a consultant for the company’s international team by 2018.

Motivated by a deep interest in the art of filmmaking and video creation, Mohammed
transitioned into roles within the Saudi market, from video editing to leading multimedia
divisions in agencies. Driven by a passion to unveil hidden stories, he founded Proeffect,
positioning it as a benchmark for creative excellence. Currently, Mohammed is dedicated to
propelling the company to new heights, establishing it as a leading creative production house in
the Kingdom and expanding its global narrative reach.