Revolutionizing Logistics: A Journey with Transportr

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The Abu Dhabi-based startup is launching its Series A funding round to boost its regional expansion

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world witnessed the pivotal role of supply chain management and its importance for businesses globally. 

Transportr, an exciting startup rooted in Abu Dhabi’s dynamic ecosystem, has set itself toward the task of revolutionising logistics. 

Founded in 2020, Transportr focuses on the GCC region and their approach is clear and compelling. They offer end-to-end services, leverage data and technology and address industry challenges head-on.

Joe Rouhana, Growth Manager at Transportr, shared insights about the company’s mission, challenges, and future plans.

How did Transportr start? 

Transportr was born three years ago, in 2020. We examined transportation and logistics processes in collaboration with major industry players in Abu Dhabi and quickly recognized that the main concerns in the logistics experience are consistently centered on the same pain points: high and volatile freight rates, manual processes, dominance of paper documentations, limited transparency, and subpar customer service. That’s when we realized the need to innovate and digitize, and we quickly gained strong support from major customers who shared our vision. They agreed that it was possible to offer a better, seamless digital logistics experience to users, making it easy for shippers to book logistics services and for carriers to generate logistics leads. 

Can you tell us more about your platform? How is it transforming logistics for businesses?

Transportr focuses on being a Total Logistics platform. Based around a marketplace for buying and selling logistics and transportation services, we provide businesses a one-stop shop digital solution to manage their supply chain activities, such as fleet management, payment solutions, data analytics, storage solutions and AI/ML products. 

Our solutions are based on a user centric approach. That means we see problems that shippers and carriers face, then build solutions for them. Transportr is a strong believer in business and process digitization, and that the region is heading into that direction at a solid pace. We are keen to play our part in this journey and push for the adoption of digitization, one customer at a time.

Transportr’s main feature, the marketplace, connects shippers and carriers by providing them with an end-to-end solution that makes the process of moving and handling goods more efficient, transparent and cost-effective. We cover the 

entire supply chain from origin to destination and eliminate the need for relying on multiple service providers. 

As a result, to name a few, our users get access to insightful data and process visibility, cost efficiency, and a streamlined order cycle.

You mentioned that high freight rates and manual, opaque procedures still plague the logistic industry. Can you explain how Transportr is tackling these challenges?

Transparency and cost-effectiveness are at the core of our platform! 

Our logistics marketplace provides real-time tracking of shipments and end-to-end visibility throughout the logistics process. Customers can monitor their goods’ status, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

As a volumes aggregator, Transportr is always in a better position to obtain services at competitive rates and offer it to its shippers. Furthermore, our platform leverages data analytics to offer customers insights into their logistics operations, empowering them to make informed decisions on route planning, carrier selection and negotiation.

Moreover, Transportr assists shippers in managing contracts and agreements with carriers and service providers. This way, agreed-upon terms are adhered to and unexpected costs are minimized.

Transportr is also able to provide contingency planning and emergency response services to deal with unexpected disruptions in the supply chain, ensuring business continuity.

Last but not least, we foster feedback and accountability. We listen to our users very closely and work hand in hand to keep improving our service offering.

 What do you think sets Transportr apart from other players in the logistics industry?

 Definitely our commitment to providing a holistic and digital logistics solution. 

As a Total Logistics platform, we provide solutions that go beyond road transport which is the service provided by our typical competitors.  Our marketplace allows users to buy and sell all types of logistics services such as multimodal transportation (road, sea, rail and air) as well as storage services. Furthermore, we have strong relationships with local players and logistics authorities in the UAE and we are now expanding in the KSA. All the above allows to leverage volumes aggregation and provide a competitive service offering to our customer.

We are strong believers that technology and data are the end game. That said, our solution building approach is based on how we can leverage these items to provide value to our customers, otherwise unattainable.

Last but not least, we also take ESG factors into account, as our solutions need to address the environment, social and governance in a way that aligns with the direction of the countries we operate in.

The logistics sector is evolving fast. How do you plan to stay at the forefront of transformation and continue to innovate?

We have a strategic roadmap that puts investment in technology and AIfirst. Being able to fully leverage data and predictive insights is vital for the sector. Customers need to be able to make informed decisions and minimize disruptions. 

We are also planning innovative applications that touch on machine learning, blockchain and IoT and their application to logistics. 

In our industry, collaboration is crucial. We put a lot of emphasis on partnering with key stakeholders in the logistics sector, including authorities, strategic shippers, and carriers,and technology providers. By fostering these collaborations, we want to stimulate innovation and cultivate a comprehensive ecosystem that benefits everyone. 

What are Transportr’s plans for its upcoming pre-Series A/Series A funding rounds and expansion into the UAE and KSA?

 After successfully completing a seed funding round in 2022, led by Ittihad Ventures Holding and Industrial Capital Group, we are now gearing up for Series A funding. We aim to increase our market share in the UAE and rapidly expand into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s going to be an exciting journey!