Revolutionizing Storage: Logexa’s Flexible Solution

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Step into the world of Logexa, where fixed storage costs transform into flexible variables. Logexa ingeniously taps into underutilized warehouses, creating a network that allows businesses to store anything, anywhere in Saudi Arabia, with the flexibility of storing as little as one pallet for just a month.

What does Logexa do?

Logexa aims to decrease the costs on SMEs who need to store their products, by providing them with a solution that doesn’t require them to rent a complete warehouse and hire a staff to manage it. We also aim to help service-providers use their free space efficiently which will decrease their costs. Logexa’s mission is clear: convert storage expenses from fixed to variable for businesses. By integrating underused warehouses into its network, the platform offers unmatched flexibility. SMEs no longer face the burden of renting entire warehouses and hiring staff. Simultaneously, service providers can optimize their available space, cutting down on costs.

What’s your founder’s journey?

Husam Sendi, the visionary behind Logexa, navigated the warehousing landscape before the inception of the platform. In 2017, a red beetle infestation caused an 80% loss of his clients’ products. Turning adversity into opportunity, Husam distributed products across various warehousing companies while managing operations. This experience birthed the idea that would redefine storage solutions. The question arose: What if we harnessed the untapped potential within existing warehouses, remained asset-light, and offered small and medium businesses a digital platform to meet their storage needs without the burden of meeting minimum requirements? Logexa was the answer.