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Transformative Healthcare Solutions for Seamless Integration

Nishant Nambiar is the founder and CEO of Inforich,spearheading the tech company’s dedicated focus on healthcare. In our conversation, he shared insights into his entrepreneurial journey.

Could you give us a concise overview of the services provided by Inforich?

Inforich is a company dedicated to simplifying and integrating health informatics. Over time, we’ve developed solutions that assist clinics, hospitals, and government entities in creating customized workflows with easy integration, scalability, interoperability, and user-friendly simplicity.
Our product lineup includes a digital platform automating the submission of claims to insurance companies and Smart Scrubbers to cleanse claims before submission for clinics and hospitals.

Can you provide a brief account of your journey?

Our journey began with a keen interest and passion for making healthcare more affordable and integrating data in clinical settings to be more meaningful. We’ve collaborated with the Ministry of Health and leading healthcare institutions in the Middle East to develop products that address these concerns.

Have there been mentors or inspirational figures pivotal to shaping your entrepreneurial path?

In our journey, our clients have been invaluable as “Angel customers,” articulating their problem statements, which we, in turn, translate into tailored solutions. Our customers serve as mentors, offering practical insights into what truly matters in the real world. Additionally, our team is supported by exceptional angel investors who motivate us to take on challenging tasks and provide the necessary financial infusion.

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