Unlock Travel Simplicity

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Exploring the realm of travel tech with its AI-driven itinerary creation, Copilot2trip proves to be a fascinating product. We had a conversation with Islam Midov the founder, to gain insights into its development.

Can you provide a concise overview of the services offered by Copilot2trip?

Copilot2trip serves as an innovative AI travel assistant, reshaping travel experiences for both individual consumers and businesses. Initially concentrating on B2C, the platform excels in efficient trip planning, saving users substantial time on research by swiftly generating detailed itineraries and enabling on-the-go adjustments. Building on this success, we’ve expanded into B2B with an embeddable widget—a transformative tool for travel agents and companies. This widget significantly reduces research time, especially for less-known destinations, and streamlines planning for end clients, ultimately boosting booking conversions. Despite its diverse applications, our core AI remains consistent, enabling our agile team to consistently deliver excellence across both B2C and B2B platforms.

What were the key motivations behind establishing Copilot2trip?

My path to founding Copilot2trip is a fusion of commercial expertise and investment acumen. With a background encompassing four years in international consulting and six years in venture capital, which included co-founding and managing a corporate venture fund specializing in AI and traveltech investments, I had a robust foundation. However, the driving force behind establishing the company was my deep-seated passion for travel. As a digital nomad, I cherished the experiences but found the planning process cumbersome. The emergence of generative AI presented a transformative solution to streamline travel planning. Recognizing the global potential of this idea, I committed to realizing this vision on a full-time basis.

Can you also share if there have been any mentors or inspirational figures who played a significant role in shaping your entrepreneurial journey?

While I don’t have a singular entrepreneurial role model, my venture capital background exposed me to numerous inspiring entrepreneurs whose journeys and insights have undeniably influenced my path. On a global scale, figures like Paul Graham stand out for their timeless wisdom. Reading his essays, crafted over a decade ago, and finding them still pertinent in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape is genuinely fascinating.