Zillancer’s Trailblazing ERP Freelance Ecosystem

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 Zillancer is an “ecosystem” that fosters connections between businesses and ERP freelance professionals across the globe.

The landscape of employment has undergone gradual transformations in recent times.
While freelance platforms have witnessed a surge in usage, they frequently present a diverse range of profiles and experiences, making it a potentially daunting and time consuming task for employers to navigate through them. Zillancer stands out as an
intriguing platform that exclusively concentrates on ERP experts. We engaged in a conversation with Lauren Haworth, Head of Marketing & Strategy, who shared insights into the origin and prospects of this promising startup.

How does Zillancer differentiate itself from other freelancing platforms?

Zillancer stands apart as the ultimate ERP ecosystem with a dedicated freelancing hub, tailored exclusively for ERP experts.
While general freelancing platforms cast a wide net, Zillancer offers precision, honed from its roots in ERP consulting.
We have matured into a holistic ERP solution provider, boasting a robust hub and an economical post-implementation support portal. Businesses, regardless of size or sector, can tap into our pool of over 16,000 vetted ERP specialists for any project, assured of quality and accountability through our escrow-based milestone payment system.

How much attention has the Hub received to date?

To date, our community has empowered over 1,200 clients, successfully executing over 3,000 projects. Embracing Zillancer over conventional third-party providers or in-house teams not only optimizes costs but also streamlines efficiencies, resonating with the evolved, agile nature of today’s work landscape.

How do you facilitate the connection between ERP talent and projects on a global scale?

Zillancer operates as a global nexus where freelancers and businesses converge. Freelancers can create profiles, sift through projects matching their expertise, and pitch their services. Simultaneously, companies can post projects and select from a diverse array of bids based on scope and cost. The platform ensures all interactions and transactions remain transparent and streamlined.
Central to Zillancer’s ethos is providing a singular, cost-effective solution for businesses to address any ERP challenge, while guaranteeing quality and expertise.
By sidestepping the pitfalls of sales-driven ERP recommendations, Zillancer fosters an environment prioritizing optimal implementation and solutions.

Can you tell us more about Zillancer‘s consulting services?

Zillancer offers comprehensive ERP consulting services tailored for every enterprise spectrum. From guiding startups in ERP selection based on budget, industry, and goals, to aiding established corporations in ERP integration or upgrades, our expertise spans the gamut.
We provide bespoke recommendations and execute ERP implementations with full fledged project management.
Moreover, our post-implementation service portal ensures seamless upgrades, prompt troubleshooting, and continual technical support, fortifying businesses against the unpredictable landscape of technology.

What are the key features of Zillancer’s ERP support packages, and how do they cater to both SMBs and enterprises?

Zillancer’s ERP support packages are designed with unmatched flexibility and affordability.
Unlike conventional models that lean towards quarterly or annual contracts, Zillancer introduces monthly contracts catering to both limited scopes and tighter budgets. Our support portal empowers businesses, from SMBs to enterprises, to select from hourly rates or custom packages tailored for extensive projects.
Currently, our time-limited introductory rate stands at a competitive $25 per hour for a minimum of 10 hours, reinforcing our commitment to providing value-driven solutions for all.

Can you share some of Husain Abdulla‘s story and how he started Zillancer?

Husain has had a multifaceted journey.
After stints at IT solution firms and founding two start-ups in India, he completed an MBA in Sales & Marketing and a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma.
However, he grew increasingly concerned with the prevalent mis-selling within the ERP sector, where sales metrics overshadowed genuine client needs.
This realization, fortified by his eclectic background, led to Zillancer’s inception a beacon of true efficiency in ERP solutions.
Morphing from a consultancy to an all encompassing ERP hub, Zillancer stands on the cusp of diversification, poised to embrace its new identity as a tech trailblazer come 2024.

We’ve come across the Zillancer Foundation, an organisation dedicated to equipping youth in underdeveloped countries with technological skills. Can you provide additional information about it?

The Zillancer Foundation, born from Husain’s vision to bridge disparities, champions the cause of empowering the youth in underserved regions.
While aligning with UN sustainability goals, it has partnered with the Zillancer Academy to establish state-of-the-art hubs that impart cutting-edge tech education, covering realms from blockchain to quantum computing.
Aimed at uplifting the underprivileged youth, Husain’s ultimate goal through the foundation is to ensure a future without hunger. Funding for the initiative comes from 2% of Zillancer’s profits, alongside an optional donation feature integrated into the Zillancer platform.
Furthermore, Zillancer encourages its freelancer community to volunteer, fostering a pay-it-forward ethos.
Graduates from the academy, upon meeting benchmarks, will seamlessly transition into the Zillancer hub, allowing them to offer their newfound skills globally and secure a livelihood.

What lies ahead for the future of Zillancer?

Zillancer is transcending its roots, evolving into a formidable player in the technology arena.
Our investments in artificial intelligence are shaping breakthroughs, from cognitive ERPs and intricate country integrations for VAT verification to AI-driven educational coaches spanning subjects, languages, and time zones.
While rooted in the ERP domain, Zillancer is poised to emerge as a global tech powerhouse.